Elevating Business to Heroic Success

With just a favorite blanket, a safety pin and our imagination, we instantly became Heroes, at least in our own mind! Almost every childhood includes the quest for the Heroic. Even in our adult years, that longing to be a part of something much larger than ourselves still pulls at us. That’s one of the reasons Comic-Con is such a big success year after year.

But can Heroism be achievable in the business realm? I say “Yes!”…….so long as we are using the best definition for it. Wait while I crack open my bright-red, hardcover Webster’s Collegiate dictionary, or your go-to online version, more likely!

Under the definition for “Heroism”, this is what my copy says, in the very first definition: “Heroic conduct, especially as exhibited in fulfilling a higher purpose or attaining a noble end.” Let’s do a little vocabulary exploration, shall we?

What higher purpose could there be in business than to profitably provide the very best product or service to our valued customers while making a respectable living for our team members, resulting in a positive impact in our communities and the world at large?

“That sounds a little grand, John, to apply that to a business that sells…….toilet plungers!”

But is it? A higher purpose simply means something beyond ourselves, greater than our healthy, reasonable self-interest. After speaking with scores of business owners over the years, I have yet to hear that they entered into the roller-coaster world of capitalist endeavors for themselves alone. The most typical reasons I heard were:

  • They had a skill they could use to benefit others
  • They appreciated the flexibility to work alongside their families
  • They wanted to make a difference in their community through their hiring and their quality product or service
  • They wanted to do their very best so that their work was stamped with excellence

Excellence. That’s a word that is commonly over-used nowadays. But did you know that a definition for “noble” is just that….excellence? It’s true! Excellence is a synonym for nobility. You didn’t know you were in for a grammar lesson when you started reading this blog post, did you? No more dictionary references, I promise!

Our goal at Accelerated Revenue Inc. is to Elevate Business to Heroic Success. We believe that companies who are relationship-driven already strive for Heroism; they just don’t realize that pursuing the highest standards is Heroic.

Do you want to be seen as a Hero to your customers, your team members and your community? Do you want to differentiate your company to the point that in your metropolitan area, you are sought out for powerfully-unique experiences? That’s right….your ideal clients and team members coming to you. Not sure where to start exactly? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re excited to work alongside your leadership and your team to craft a tailored plan to achieve Heroic Success. We fully integrate your plan, just like a quarterback takes the coaches’ game plans and marches the team down the field for a touchdown. We manage the process for you, from start to finish, so that significant goals are achieved by collaborating with your team to succeed through their strengths and insights.

Best of all, we offer the Accelerated Revenue Test Drive℠. While we get to know and trust each other, your team can benefit from two globally-unique workshops—Customer Discovery and Winning Secrets—at a great rate. We follow these in-person or virtual trainings with a free Strategy Session, casting a vision of what your company could achieve by partnering with us for 6, 9 or 12 months. Try before you buy—no risks, with Heroic rewards ahead.

Curious to learn more before “taking us for a spin?” Contact us today for a no-obligation introduction. We eagerly await the opportunity to add massive value to your company so that you and your team can pin that favorite blanket on….and become the Heroes you always knew you could be!