Consulting FAQs Continued

There are 5 segments our Solutions are best suited for: businesses with 15 or more employees, Veteran-owned businesses, Pre-retirement business owners, ESOP and Blue Collar companies.

Growth-minded, relationship-focused Blue Collar companies are an ideal fit for our Solutions. Some examples are: Manufacturing, Trucking, Transportation, Construction, Warehousing/Distribution, Automotive & RV Dealerships, and Skilled Trades (Home Building, Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Carpentry, Landscaping, etc.).

Heroism is not just for Hollywood. It’s pulled at humanity from the beginning of time. So what is Heroism?

It’s the pursuit of 2 ideals: a higher purpose and excellence. We believe almost all businesses were started with these 2 values in mind.

Our solutions help your team discover its Heroic roots and equip them to achieve Heroic impact in every human experience.

Yes, we can! If your company has the most important elements right—culture, customer & employee experience, smooth processes, quality and integrity—we can absolutely help with increasing awareness.

One of our very first steps is to objectively assess where your organization stands currently. Are there things we need to improve internally before working hard to attract more customers?

Once an internal game plan of growing excellence is crafted and running, then we can happily explore how to get the word out, with creative, outside-the-box approaches your team and prospective customers will appreciate.

If a client refers ten (10) new clients to us, the 10% Thank You Bonus for each referral can result in the client’s Consulting services being entirely paid for. On top of this, there is no sunset clause on our Thank You Bonus. As long as a referred client remains a client of ARI, the referring party will continue to receive their 10% Thank You Bonus for the life of the Consulting agreement, a new revenue stream for the referring party.

We and our experts have identified over 15 areas of overhead that our Solutions address. Best of all, all areas can be analyzed at absolutely no cost, helping our clients make informed decisions on the Solutions they desire to implement.

Long-standing success is never accidental or lucky. Your company has served its customers for years because you do so many things right. Our goal at Accelerated Revenue is to elevate the performance of your business, building on the success you’ve already established. Think of it like a tune-up for your car. It’s running well; after targeted, effective enhancements, it runs like a champ!

When implemented, our potent mix of fractional expertise and proven Solutions in key areas result in your business running better than it ever has, with less effort, more customers, more 5-star reviews and greater profitability.

We embrace the beauty of Continuous Improvement (CI) with the belief that our processes can always be better. CI is a blessing, and when it’s a core value of an organization, your team members and your customers benefit from frictionless, enjoyable experiences, time and again.

We truly believe that time is one of your most precious resources; you only have so much to work with in a day. Your team members’ time is even more important. Like Peter Drucker said, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

Our Culture process always includes a review of where your team’s time goes and how to optimize it. Moments saved is money earned.

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, our Win/Win Cash Flow Solutions create new, lasting revenue streams for your business, while strengthening your supply chain and client base.

The first meeting is in-person, provided the client is comfortable with that arrangement. We find that face-to-face for the initial meeting is best to earn trust, establish effective communication and get a feel for the team, culture and potential.

Subsequent meetings will be conducted virtually for the Essentials package. For the Deluxe package, in-person meetings will be held once per quarter, and the Ultimate package includes in-person meetings once per month.

Along with conversations with established business consultants, we conducted extensive market research to determine an average value for Consulting Solutions. We also took into account the positive impact our Cost Savings and Cash Flow Solutions would provide. Our ultimate goal is to save & generate more revenue than the cost of our Consulting Solutions, resulting in a robust ROI.

Payment may be made by credit card, ACH or transfer. Payment is made one month in advance, with services scheduled upon receipt of payment.

ARI extends a 10% discount for 6-month or 12-month agreements paid in full via company check, credit card, ACH or wire transfer. Services are scheduled upon receipt of funds.