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Our tailored customer experience consulting packages help businesses attract and keep the right customers, gain more 5-star reviews from your ideal clients, and improve your team’s confidence, communication, and productivity.

“The most valuable idea for me was the four different customer types. I like making this part of our organization’s brand.”

Jeanne T.

Our Specialties

Our custom consulting packages always include the following

Increased Productivity

Attention Management, Goal-Focused Accountability, Fully-Integrated Solutions, Strategic Delegation

Superb Communication

Positive, Clear, Precise, Actionable, Educational, Collaborative

Effective Marketing

Heroism, Storybrand, Community, Impact, Engagement, Trust

High-Confidence Selling

Earn Trust, Engage Listening, Sharply-Increased Closings, Implement Proven System, Experienced Coaching, Challenge Disrupters

Strong Morale

Heroes, Higher Purpose, Excellence, Winning Culture, Life Enrichment, Robust Profitability

Robust Profitability

Strong Sales, Repeat & Referral Bases of Business, Ideal Clients, Engaged COI’s, Industry Distinction

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“This is easy! John and I worked together in building customer relations by providing valued solutions for our customers’ needs. John was one of my favorites to work with because he does business ethically and has the customer's best interests in mind. He is well organized and methodical in the way he conducts his business. He is well respected amongst his colleagues and they always value his input, no matter the situation. He is a family man at heart and that caring attitude carries over into his work life! Let me put it this way...If I owned a company, I would be honored to have a consultant like John!”

Jason A.

“John is very detailed in explaining his steps and very good at attention to detail. He is a fabulous guy to talk to and fun to be around. He has contacted me on numerous occasions just to see how things are going. He goes above and beyond to make his customers happy. I think whoever gets the privilege of having John as a consultant is very lucky.”

Dennis C.

“John provides outstanding communication with a willingness to understand our needs in order to provide our end customer with the best possible solution and experience. John truly cares about the experience his customers have, and creating a long term partnership that everyone can benefit from.”

Ian V.

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