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Accelerated Revenue, Inc. no longer offers Debt Collection Services

Dear Consumers: Effective December 31, 2014 all account information has been expunged from Accelerated Revenue, Inc. No account information is available through our agency please contact the original creditor directly for assistance.

Need assistance with a Credit Bureau?

Equifax: 866.637.7294
Experian: 800.831.561 opt 1
TransUnion: 800.916.8800 opt 4

Original Creditors

Referral, please email

For matters involving the credit reporting agencies, please contact them directly for assistance.


AR Billing Services | a division of ARI

AR Billing Services is a call center business management solution provider, specializing in the recovery of medical self-pay receivables. AR Billing Services, a division of Accelerated Revenue, Inc., manages ONLY non-default accounts. We are NOT a collection agency. Our service is not an Extraordinary Collection Activity (ECA) as we are an extension of your business office. We can help you with 501(r) and other compliance issues as they affect your self-pay receivables.   Visit us today @

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